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Sistas Saving Sistas for Christ


What Kingdom Sistas Need To Know About Their Kingdom Men" - Sistas, They Need To Be Heard

Posted on 30 September, 2020 at 20:45

Slow jam

"Know this my beloved Sistas; let every Sista be quick to hear, slow to speak, ......................." James 1:19

Good morning wonderful Brothas and Sistas,
Today's message is primarily for our Sistas but Brothas you can tune in. 

Sistas, believe it or not men actually would like to be able to talk and share what's going on inside. They would especially like to share their concerns about past mistakes and failures. But Sistas, YOU need to listen without judging them or giving them your opinion. Men really do need to be heard. Sistas, men really want to be transparent without feeling ridiculed or thought less of when they begin to pour their heart and soul out to their most trusted friend, YOU.
This is not the time for you, Sista, to be pondering on things in your mind from your perspective as he is revealing his concerns to you. You need to be paying full attention to what is being said by him. He needs your undivided attention, but he DOES NOT like it when you say things like, " Didn't I tell you that would happen?", " I told you so.", or "If you would have listened to me none of this would have happened."
Ladies, you have to remember men were given the role of protector and provider for the family and in having that responsibility they will sometimes make mistakes. Men desperately want to share their mistakes but they do not want to share them for fear of the " I told you so" or "You should have listened "syndrome"' being played out over and over again in their minds after they have taken the chance of being transparent with you. They know that once they have made mistakes they have to live with them. When you say things that condescend them it messes with their egos because of the  leadership role God has given them. This in turn causes them to clam up.
Sistas, it is not that men want to be closed or standoffish as some Sistas perceive them as being, but they would really like to be understood more than anything. They really want to share things, Sistas, therefore, you need to ask God to show you how to create a safe haven for them to do so. When they share their feelings you can say things like, " Well, that's okay, it is done." Women you can also pray that God will grant them wisdom on the next decision. Remember, women share all of the time and there are times when men would like to share too, but they don't feel it is safe to do so.
Not all men are hard men but sometimes they become hardened or appear to be hardened because of what is being held in or what is not being communicated effectively due to fear. Women are excellent communicators by nature and share all of the time with one another as well as with their mates. A good relationship requires good communication from both parties. For the most part communication requires good listening more than anything. Sistas, please learn to listen to your mates. "Know this my beloved Sistas; let every Sista be quick to hear, slow to speak, ....................... James 1:19 " Sistas, they really do need to be heard. Have a good day.

Minister Antonio Washington, Sr. 

Prayer of Faith

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our wonderful Sistas. May they realize that sometimes we just need to be heard. May their spirits be open and patient but also gentle to those things that are important to us. In doing this we will become better listeners, lovers, and friends. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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